Back away from the scrub!

Have you ever head you should scrub your face at least once a week? Today, I am going to challenge that idea and present both sides of the argument.

Let’s think about the skin for a minute and than you can decide whats best for you!

What is the point of a scrub?

The skin takes roughly thirty days to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. In theory, you scrub your skin to help remove that dead layer a little quicker, exposing younger and fresher skin. What happens if that skin isn’t ready though? You get angry skin. I had a client one time have a bad day at work. She came home and that was her scrub night. Well….she scrubbed her anger out. Unfortunately, it also left her with some scabs on her face. Definitely not an ideal situation.

I was looking around the other day and every person I saw had a touch of redness to their skin. You know what that tells me??? We all have inflamed skin!!!! So really, do you think it’s the best idea getting out a scratchy scrub to further annoy your skin?

No its not!

So what are our options? We can do gently exfoliating treatments to encourage dead skin to come off. The key is encouraging the skin to slough its dead skin and not forcing it. I love the honey enzyme mask I make or if you are vegan, a maple syrup enzyme mask. It utilizes what nature already gave us, enzymes to gently remove skin that is ready to be removed. We don’t force the skin to shed. The great thing is both honey and maple syrup are mineral rich and full of enzymes. So you help to exfoliate and nourish your skin at the same time. The other ingredients I add to the honey or maple syrup give it a nice balance and are customized to you!

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