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Ever bought a product that didn't live up to the hype? 

Ever been confused by which products are right for your skin?

Ever had a product that worked for you, then it didn't?

Ever love a product only to have the company stop making it?

No more!

Why Not You Skincare™ solves these problems by working directly with you.

Create the perfect skincare products for your skin

Take the guessing out of your skincare routine

Welcome to the way skincare should be...all about you!

How does custom skincare work?

Why custom skincare?

Hi!  My name is Vicki.  I formulate custom skincare for those who are over buying products that don’t give you results!  

You might be asking why use custom skincare products?  There are so many skincare options out there!  

Growing up, I had problem skin. It was something that always embarrassed me. When I went to aesthetics school, my teacher noticed my problematic skin.  She had me use a professional skincare line for 3 months.  During that 3 months, I could not wear makeup.  I used makeup to hide my skin.  Not wearing make up was devastating to me.  I felt exposed, uncomfortable, and vulnerable.  I kept telling myself 3 months was worth having flawless skin.  Except—-it didn’t work!   At the end of that 3 months, I still had problem skin. I felt like a failure! 

Have you ever felt like a failure with your skincare routine? 

I’m here to say that is unacceptable! I have learned to work with my clients to tailor their skincare to their current needs. 

Welcome to having a voice in your skincare routine! 

Because Why Not You!

Results based skincare

Nutrient dense skincare

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My skin has never felt so nourished.
Dana P

You get a say in your skincare!

Its about time

Not only does it work, it smells good too!
Jina B