No more complicated skincare steps

Imagine that you have read the newest skincare product that everyone is raving about. You run out to get it and than you try to figure out what step it replaces or what order everything is put on.

I have been that person!!! So has several of my friends. They would ask me and I honestly had no clue so I took educated guesses for years! That’s so embarrassing to admit. I’m an aesthetician. I should know better. Yet no one told me how to figure that out until I hired a skincare expert to help me formulate. It all became clear to me how to “layer” products in the correct order.

How many products do we really need?

Yet… many products do we really need? At one point in my life, I had 10-12 products that I was supposed to be putting on to maximize my results.

Take a minute and let’s think about this. There are over 10+ ingredients in most skincare products, so putting on 10 different products is basically putting on 100+ different ingredients on my skin. No wonder I had such sensitive skin! That’s a lot of ingredients not to mention the time it took. So let’s be real-I skipped steps routinely. Than I wondered if the lack of results were because I wasn’t using all the products. I have even seen suggestions for a specific time frame between products-wait one minute before applying next step.

I ended up with a lot of products due to one or two star ingredients that were a “must have” according to my professional products sales rep.

What if…..

What if we could have just a handful of products because they could be made for exactly our skin? So instead of needing 10+ products with 10+ ingredients in each product, we could have 3 or 4 products with 7 or 8 ingredients? What if that same company helped you understand how to use them properly so that they are effective and not overwhelming.

Wouldn’t that be a dream! Oh, wait, that is why I created Why Not You Skincare™. So you could have simple, effective, natural products that don’t overwhelm the skin but help it to glow!

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