Ingredients chosen for a purpose, not for marketing

The other day I was talking with several formulation chemists about ingredients. I have known for years about ingredient dusting-basically a company adding an ingredient at such a small amount that it does nothing other than give the company the ability to use it for marketing purposes. Anyway, one of the chemists admitted to having skincare companies tell her some ingredients are too expensive to at the correct percentages for real effects. These companies would have her add it just so they could jump on the bandwagon of skincare trends. I think that’s gross and just plain wrong!

I feel that if you are selling anything that it should be something that is the best you can do. You either do it right or you don’t do it at all. Does that mean using all the expensive ingredients when there are more economical ones that do the same things and are of the same quality? No! That is kind of the same idea as fairy dusting. Just using something for marketing purposes.

Granted, their are certain ingredients I pay more for because of how well I know them. Knowing what your ingredients can do consistently is half the battle. Using them at the correct percentage is another part of the battle. Could their be more economical ones out there that could do the same thing? Possibly and if I come across them, I will use them after experimenting with them for awhile. I believe in giving the best quality products to my clients at the best price possible.

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