Natural ingredients for healthier skin

The last few years we have seen the demand for cleaner, more natural skincare. Consumers reading ingredient list. Google searching to see if they are natural or not.

Broccoli anyone?

Do me a favor and imagine broccoli growing in a garden. You could spray that broccoli with many pesticides and yet, that broccoli is still natural, right? I know-frustrating! Because we all know broccoli sprayed with pesticides might be natural, but it’s hardly as healthy as those grown without pesticide and in nutrient rich soil.

Let’s now think of that broccoli grown in nutrient dense soil and without pesticides-yummy! How do you consume that broccoli will also have an effect on how healthy it is for you. Take that high nutrient broccoli and cook it until it’s mush and than cover it with super processed cheese. You have now taken healthy broccoli and made it less healthy for you. If you are looking for optimal health benefits, raw broccoli would be the choice.

Broccoli and skincare?

Skincare is like that. Ingredient choice starts off with how the ingredient is grown. What kind of soil. How many pesticides were used. I’m not necessarily a huge advocate of organic skincare ingredients because it’s very expensive to get that certification. I would much rather have a relationship with a source I can have real conversations with, where they tell me how things are grown. Anyway, than you take that raw ingredient and some kind of processing needs to take place. How much will determine how many skin benefits are left in the final product.

Here at Why Not You Skincare, we try to go for raw broccoli when it comes to ingredients. Sometimes, that is not 100% possible, but we sure try! If our skincare preforms well largely comes from the quality of the ingredients plus knowing what to combine and what not to.

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