Mean is never pretty!

I meet someone this week that my heart went out to. I’m not sure why but when I see someone struggling with their skin, I just want to soothe it and make it better. I always have this impulse to cradle my hands on the person face, like that would allow me to gentle the skins pain. The funny thing was this skin wasn’t dealing with breakouts or incredibly red. It was peeled within an inch of its’ life. Why would someone peel their skin so much?

To help slow down the aging process on the face!

Ugh! Marketing in the skincare world is so messed up. It makes me so angry because they are teaching you to be mean to your skin in hopes you will look younger. It’s all lies! Which brings up another issue-who do you believe? How do you know what products will be benefit your skin and what will cause your skin to age faster? That is a post for another time!

Let’s get back to my original post.

Powerful yet mean

Here is this powerful women who has been very successful in her career. She is obviously no dummy for her to advance to her position. Yet, she is buying skincare products that is destroying her skin. She is probably mid to late 40’s. Her skin is shiny, not with oil but because she is trying to minimize every line and shrink every pore.

These products that have ingredients like retinol promise to help increase collagen, minimize fine lines, improve skin color and reducing skin discoloration. In reality, it is incredibly harsh and mean to the skin. It forces your skin to attempt to heal at an incredibly quick pace.

Let’s think about this for a second

I want you to think about a normal day that is busy. You wake up and need to shower. You need to put on clean clothes. You need to eat off clean dishes. You need to respond to emails for work. You need to pay bills online. You need call people and make appointments. Maybe you have to drive to work or maybe you work from home.

Now, take away your computer to do those online tasks. Take away your dishwasher forcing you to spend more time by doing them by hand. Take away your washing machine so you have to wash clothes by hand. Take away your running water so you have to go to the well and draw water and bring it into the house and warm it up.

Think about how you start removing our tools to do our tasks and the ability to get them all done in one day becomes impossible.

This is what is happening to your skin. By using products that thin the skin in hopes that it will induce a healing response stretches your skin to impossible tasks. It can’t heal fast enough because it’s “tools” are being taken away at an alarming rate. To the point, it can’t keep up. You skin starts making decisions about what has to be healed and what it doesn’t have the resources to do. The longer this goes on, the more impossible it becomes.

So for the love of your skin, please stop being mean to it.

Stop hurting it in hopes that it will become better. It won’t! You will start a viscous cycle where no one wins.

So what do you do? Everyone wants to age gracefully! Do you just throw the towel in and decide to look older than you are?

Of course not!

Learn to nurture your skin so that it functions properly. Stop using skincare products that are devoid of true nutrition.

Your skin is amazing. It knows what tasks need to be done. We need to stop forcing it to do more than it can. Your skin does not work better under stress. So we pamper it. We nourish it. We protect it and allow it to do its job!

My mission for founding Why Not You Skincare™ is to be a source of skincare that helps your skin. Ingredients that come from whole plants, not manufactured in a lab to allow a better price point. To offer people a source they can trust and to plain just do better! To care about my customer enough to make sure the ingredients used are natural and effective.

The choice is up to you-be mean to your skin in hopes it loves you or love your skin so it can thrive!

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