Would You Rather…Look 20 Forever or Smell Like A Skunk?

The other day I was formulating a new facial moisturizer. It felt ah-may-zing! My skin felt so soft, nourished, super hydrated which was awesome since it has been feeling dry. It did have one draw back, it didn’t smell that great. Now I had a dilemma, use this amazing moisturizer or ditch it due to its smell? It kind of had this slight skunk smell. Was it going to benefit my skin enough to keep using it?

Than it got me thinking, what if there was the perfect formulation that if used would keep your skin youthful like you were 20 but it didn’t have the most pleasant smell? Would you use it? Do the benefits outweigh the negative smell?

Is there really skincare to keep me looking 20 forever?

In reality, there is no perfect formulation that will keep your skin as youthful as 20 years old. With that said, there are ingredients that will benefit your skin to the fullest. Sometimes they smell amazing and sometimes not as much. Using unrefined oils and butters will bring their own unique scents. They also have the most nutrition for your face. Think about green beans, some don’t like the taste while others love it. Yet how many of those that don’t like the taste will eat them if they are fried with dipping sauce? Which is better for your body? Obviously the plain beans are. That is like oil and butters in your skincare product. The more unrefined they are, the better they are for your skin-they just might not be as appealing as refined oils and butters (fried green beans with dipping sauce).

Here’s the other thing, the store bought skincare products will rarely if ever use unrefined butters or oils. They tend to have a shorter shelf life, they are more expensive and harder to find. But here at Why Not You Skincare™, we want the most nutrient dense products for your skin. Your need to feed your skin so that it can do its job.

Mythical skincare is all relative

If someone were to offer me this mythical skincare to keep me looking like I was in my 20’s, I would absolutely take it. Of course, if I was still in my 20’s, it would have no appeal to me. I doubt many 20 year olds would opt to smell even in the slightest skunky to have the skin they already have. So even those who aren’t in their 20’s anymore would give almost anything to once again have the glowing healthy skin, its relative to what your skin looks and feels like now. It’s why everyone’s skin should be treated as uniquely as they are! Hence the need for custom skincare. Let your skincare be tailored to you!

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