Custom skincare-how does it work?

Do you think someone who works outside has the same skincare needs as someone who works in an office? How about someone who drinks tons of water versus someone who drinks one glass a day? What about someone who wears make up and someone who doesn’t. Suppose someone who is in their 60’s versus someone who is in their 20’s. Think about the differences in those who eat fast food and those who eat plant based. The differences are endless!

Don’t you think that the women above would all have different skincare needs? Of course they do and yet too often they get classified into oily, dry, combination skin. Like that is enough of a differentiator in how your skin should be treated and maintained.

It’s time for a change! It’s time for you to be heard and have a voice in your own skincare!

Let’s talk about how custom skincare works. First step is booking a custom skincare consultation. A questionnaire will be emailed to you which should be filled our prior to our time together. The consultation will be a time for you to talk and be heard about your skincare concerns. This will allow me to learn which ingredients will have the biggest impact on your skin and your skincare goals.

At the end of the custom skincare consultation, you get to choose how you want to proceed. Some choose to proceed with having skincare products made with ingredients specifically chosen for their skin. Others choose to take any tips and tricks we came up with together at the consultation and stop there. Either way, the choice is yours.

For those that choose to proceed with custom skincare, initial goals and long term goals are set. Products are formulated for you based on the questionnaire and consultation. These products are effective but have only a handful of ingredients. You might think more ingredients, the better a product it. Sadly, that is not the case. The most effective products are ones with fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients. This is a huge change for most people because skincare bought off a shelf which is devoid of any nutritional benefit to the skin. There are so many filler ingredients in those products, so we start off nice and simple and build from there.

You have entered the trial phase

I formulate trial size products for you that will last 1-2 weeks. Each ingredient will be selected with you in mind. At that point, your products ships to you. This will allow you to give me feedback-what feels good, what works for your skin, what doesn’t feel good, what isn’t working for you. Those changes allow me to adjust the formula with your help. Think about that for a minute, have you ever bought a product that feels amazing but than dries your skin out? The formulas get adjusted based on your feedback. This happens until we find perfect formulations for you. Once we find the perfect base formulations, your full size products arrive and will last 4-6 weeks.

Your progress is tracked, notes are taken. This allows both of us to see progress to your short term and long term goals. What I love is we use that progress to predict changes in your skin and making adjustments. This will allow me to make subtle changes to your formulations to keep you seeing and feeling results.

How does that sound to you?

Ready for skincare you have always wanted? If so, book your custom skincare consultation.

Because, why not you!

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