Winter skin

It’s that time of year again-winter!!! Everyone is digging out their warmer socks and sweaters because its cold out. What does that mean for your skin?

Temperature changes

Let’s think about the changes in the weather. As temperatures drop, so does humidity. People are closing windows and putting the furnace on to combat the cooling temps. A side effect of putting your furnace on is drying the air in your house. It seems that no matter where you are, inside or outside, the air is trying to take your precious moisture out of your skin. With less humidity in the air, the less moisture available to your skin. In fact, moisture could be evaporating from your skin into the dry air. The worst part, skin that is lacking moisture will also look older (gasp!)

Sometimes the changes in your skin are subtle and sometimes they are huge. Ranging from just a dry feeling to maybe peeling skin or even it becoming cracked and painful. There are many factors that affect the levels of moisture in the skin. First-how much water are you drinking. As temperatures dip, so does water intake. Most people want hot drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Unfortunately, drinks with caffeine is a dehydrating ingredient so it removes water from the body instead of adding it-therefore leading to further moisture loss. One suggestion is to start tracking water intake to make sure you are internally hydrated.

Do you change your skincare to the current season?

Another thing to consider is the skincare products. The ones that worked for you so well in the summer are probably not the ones that will get you through the winter. You will need products to protect and soothe your skin. Evaluating every product and ingredient to determine if that ingredient will help hydrate and even prevent moisture loss is key. This is the time of year that Why Not You Skincare™ starts adjusting client formulas. Making sure the skincare products have the ability to impart moisture to the skin. Also making sure there is enough oil content to prevent moisture loss. Shifting the oils used in their summer formulations to a heavier ones or maybe switching to butter. It could be adding an additional step between the toner and oil serum. This all depends on the client and what their skin is experiencing.

Think about one client is an avid runner, that means their skin is being exposed to the outside chilly air/breeze for a longer period of time. Versus a client that works from home and doesn’t like outside activities. What about if you live in Hawaii and winter looks like 60 degrees instead of 70 vs living in Minnesota where you can have negative temperatures. So many factors play a role in having the right skincare products for your skin. Each person skin is as unique as they are. So take the guess work out of finding the right product and book a custom skincare consultation today.

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