Is it really natural??

Ever been confused by if a product is really natural? There are so many options out there that say they are natural.  Than you look at the ingredient list and you are left wondering, is it really natural?  How is natural defined?  It’s confusing and overwhelming. 

It should be easy to define natural versus synthetic. For some reason, it’s not.  Here is a question for you.  Coffee is natural and we know caffeine is found in coffee.  Sometimes caffeine is extracted from coffee hence how you get caffeine free coffee.  So is caffeine free coffee still natural?  How about that caffeine that has been extract, is it still natural?  It would have been extracted in a lab…..

Another thing that is 100% natural is mold and bacteria.  However, no one wants to be putting unseen mold or bacteria on their face.  Gross!  There are certain ingredients, like water, that can become a feeding frenzy for mold and bacteria.  While a product that has mold or bacteria would be a natural product, it would not be something anyone would want.  To prevent that from happening, we add a preservative.

Oh no! A preservative!

Those are full of nasty chemicals, right? Again, not such a simple answer. Preservatives got a bad rap because of things like parabens. There are plenty of preservatives that do not contain parabens. When using a preservative, you have several options. 

Let’s start with a completely  synthetic preservative. Synthetic preservatives are the strongest preservatives out there.  They excel at inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria.  Products that sit on shelves or warehouses for extended periods of time tend to use synthetic preservatives.  Why Not You Skincare™ chooses not to use them. 

Another option is naturally derived preservatives. These are plant compounds that tend to stop bacterial or mold growth. So, scientist isolate those plant compounds in a lab. If we go back to the caffeine and coffee, this would be extracting the caffeine out.  Sometimes once they isolate those compounds, they will than create them in a lab.  So that would be taking the caffeine and making a copy of it.  When we need to use a preservative, the naturally derived ones are the ones we use.

The bottom line, we try to formulate products that do not need preservatives.  Yet, there are times that they are needed because the other option is to allow you to put products with mold or bacteria in it.  That is not going to happen.  we make sure to test our products before shipping them out to our amazing clients.   

How do you feel about the subject of preservatives? Feel free to comment below!

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